Personal Review of Halo 5 [SPOILERS]

12191492_10208327234361254_3675346585040390553_nHeute ausnahmsweise mal in Englisch da sich dieser Blogbeitrag hauptsächlich an 343 Industries richtet.

Attention, SPOILERS AHEAD!!!

After playing through the campaign of the new Halo 5 Guardians i feel like writing an own review of the game about what i liked and disliked about it.

First off a small disclaimer: I am in no way affiliated with the gaming industry or 343 Industries, i have payed about 800€ for Halo 5 myself (yes im kind of insane and had to buy the Halo 5 Limited Collectors Edition aswell as the new XboX One in the corresponding design and the second controller in Master Chief design) please note that im mainly a collector, and single player gamer, so the review is solely about the campaign part of Halo 5 Guardians. Also i would like to state that i have not read ANY reviews about Halo 5 Guardians so far, so this is my own completely unbiased opinion as a long time Halo fan owning every Book, DVD, BluRay, Game and several Figures related to the Halo Universe.

First of, the positive things i really like about the new Halo game made by 343 Industries:

GFX and Leveldesign:

The graphics shown in the newest game of the Halo franchise are really astonishing, outmatched only by the very complex leveldesign, all the maps have a lot of small details in them that show the love and passion that went into the process of making this game a reality, small bird-like creatures flying over your head, strange bugs crawling on the floor of the jungle in some outside levels that feel like you are walking through some kind of jungle just to switch to a huge canyon like landscape a few steps later leading inside of very futuristic buildings. Overall an in itself working athmosphere.


Game music is completely Halo worthy and matches the quality of earlyer halo titles, always supporting the in game athmosphere at its best. Nothing more to add to this.


The quality of the Cinematic are overwhelming, very nice cinematography and supporting the story wherever possible, just in the right moments. Most of the time i really enjoyed the cinematics timing because they mostly kicked in right after a fully action packed firefight. This helped calming down again and getting back into focus after those exhaustive battles.


Now on to the not so good things i really dislike about the new game in the Halo Franchise:


The story itself is good, i just personally HATE the outcome and what 343 did to cortana, as much as i wanted her back after the end of Halo 4, as much i am now having the opinion she better should just have stayed dead / gone. Instead 343 Industries DARED to let her reappear in a completely mental insane role where she brings pain and fear over the galaxy, cortana really deserve better than this. For me this feels like digging out a dead man and body-stripping him. I really feel offended by this and wonder how 343 dares to do something like this.

Campaign Length:

The length of the Campaing was way! to short. Im a regular gamer, not a pro but i play story shooters alot and never ever have i managed to complete a game in just 6 Hours and 45 Minutes. This is my all time low record which is not a positive thing. Since i can’t remember agent locke from any Halo game before ( i might be wrong here thats i will play through all the old halo games again and keep my eyes open for him to correct this in the future ) there should have been more than enough time to add a few more missions at the beginning to accomodate of this flaw and introduce us more into agent locke and WHY hes starting to hunt down master chief (this gets explained in the game but it has way more potential than 343 used in my optinion).

Amount of Time spent as Master Chief, John, 117:

This was way to short, i hate to write this but i cant identify with agent locke. We know NOTHING about him and everything about 117 / John, so why the f*ck do i care what he wants and support him? I had several occasions in the game where i let locke die on purpose because i did not want him to succeed in any way. I know that the story turned out quite a bit diffrent than what i was expecting from the beginning but hell if i wanted to play a game with a protagonist i dont care at all about i would throw in some Call of Duty. Give me back my Master Chief!…


I stumbled accross 2 Bugs at the end of mission 11 where you are in the area of the Sangheili with Doctor Halsey and the Arbiter.

The first bug is a small glitch found when spectating the Pilot of our Pelican, hes movements are not smooth and he is repeatedly glitching a few inches forward and backward in this animation loop.

The second bug is a pretty major on in my opinion, it is affecting the german version of the game, no idea if the english one is flawed aswell. When you go to speak with doctor halsey after you brought in the Constructor. Halsey starts talking to you about how long it might take to activate the Guardian now. Her sentence gets cancled out way to early by her next telling you that it worked way quicker than she expected and even that sentence gets canceled out way to early by spartan locke telling her about stuff. so what we have here are 3 diffrent soundstreams where 2 obviously lack in correct timing which is just bad QA in my opinion.




Overall a really nice game but lacking in ways where the story leads (Note: This is my personal taste) and could have ben polished a bit more. I spared to say anything about the missing splitscreen because that is all over the place already and no news (im one of the guys who really miss that feature)


I hope that somebody at 343 Industries will read all of this and that my words are not to harsh. But let me close this posting down with a Thank You and saying that i will look forward to what 343 Industries might bring us with the next Halo, hoping for a more extensive story campaign (not even 7 hours is a joke), Bring Splitscreen back, and let Cortana get her well deseved peace and dont drag her through the mire EVER AGAIN!

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